Frequently asked Questions

What level of cover do I need?
This question will depend upon many factors such as the income of the individual, the tax status of the individual, the size the size of the mortgage, the size of the individuals family and many other factors. To give an example, life insurance is often very important as a tax planning or estate planning tool because the proceeds of a life insurance policy are often tax free, this is in contrast to other financial vehicles such as stocks, or property which can be subject to inheritance tax. In fact the proceeds of a life insurance will often be  used to pay the inheritance tax on an estate leaving the other assets to pass to the heirs in essence virtually free of inheritance tax. Speak to financial advisor/tax planner before persuing this strategy.

Is life insurance required for a mortgage?

Life insurance for a mortgage is not compulsory, but should be considered because life is uncertain and should you be unable to repay the mortgage due to injury, death or illness your home would be at risk. If one has the insurance it will provide piece of mind that the mortgage will be repaid, the debt cleared and you wont risk losing your home.

What is the difference between Critical Illness and Life Insurance.

Critical illness will pay out money if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, while life insurance will pay out if you die. In both cases the money can be spent however you choose such as paying off medical treatments or paying off mortgages.

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